Did my application go through?

Written by Felicia
Updated 4 months ago

If you completed your application and submitted it correctly, you will receive a thank you email.

You can also click on "My Account" and you will see a list of your applications under the "My Applications" heading. Look at the column titled "submission status" and it will tell you the current status of your application. 

  1. Complete means that your application has been sent to the HR team. 
  2. Incomplete means that you still have additional information to submit, and you should click the "continue" button to proceed.  
  3. Incomplete - Time Expired means that you failed to finish your application before the job ended and are no longer able to update it.

If you are unable to submit, you will be taken back to the section(s) that still need your attention.

If you have questions, please chat with our support team using the chat box below.

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